New Role as Many Peaces Magazine Editor

MPM_logoIn January 2018 I became an editor of the Many Peaces Magazine for Conflict Transformation across Cultures. Our first editorial meeting took place at the Grillhof Seminar Center in Vill. Looking forward to working on the forthcoming Volume on Violence together with the team!

While our 7th volume on Peace Education has only been published recently, we have already started working on the 8th Volume of the Many Peaces Magazine. This volume’s theme is

Violence and Peace Work

and we invite articles, reflections and interviews that speak to this theme. In the field of Conflict Transformation we are often confronted with violent realities. Sometimes we struggle to find words for the atrocities that unfold in front of our eyes, which in one way or another we are always a part of and in that sense perhaps also experience ourselves. Sometimes elicitive conflict transformation methods, such as non-violent communication, may appear as an adequate means to address violence. However, in certain situations violence may seem to be an appropriate option to address violence. Peace workers and researchers are then confronted with difficult ethical choices in situations for which there is no textbook solution.

In this volume of the Many Peaces Magazine we invite authors to inquire into the many dimensions of violence in conflict transformation and peacebuilding work. Such may entail aspects of direct, structural and cultural violence. We welcome analyses, documentaries and testimonies of topics, such as armed conflicts, gender-based violence, experiences of personal and collective trauma. In their contributions on the topic of violence and peace work, we invite all authors to inquire into the nexus of conceptual paradoxes and correspondences between violence and peaces.


We welcome any other suggestion that relates to this broad topic. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.


If you are interested in submitting an article please contact our Editor in Chief Adham Hamed.

If you have recently graduated or plan to graduate from the MA Program in Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck in the frame of the next opening ceremony in July 2018, please contact Theresa Gottschall. We would be  happy to feature you in our ‘New Masters of Peace’ section.

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