Rainbow of Desire and Cops in the Head with David Diamond, Sept. 3rd-7th 2017


The five day Workshop engages deeply in the basics of Theatre for Living, which has grown from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. Participants learn how to facilitate “Cops in the Head” and “Rainbow of Desire” and reflect how to apply them in their own work. “Cops in the Head” and “Rainbow of Desire” are two techniques that were developed by Augusto Boal which use the symbolic language of theatre to identify, analyze and respond to internalized forms of oppression. Internal voices, desires and also fears often shape and determine our decisions in daily life. What are the dynamics at play here?

Reclaiming Hope from a culture of fear
 - an intimate evening of theatre... without a play -

After an introduction and some group building work in the afternoon we will begin with a public event (Sunday evening) where David Diamond will host a theatre evening. He will apply “Cops in the Head” live on stage to explore together with the audience how the fear of losing our economic prosperity in light of migration and political fragmentation affects the way we relate to one another. David Diamond will invite workshop participants and members of the audience on stage to foster a dialogue about these topics by linking personal experiences to current socio- political dynamics. The issues raised in this public theatre event will then be further explored in the course of the workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity to understand both the mechanics and philosophy of these powerful exercises. This workshop is for people who want to implement the techniques in their respective work context and disciplines such as education, peace and conflict transformation, community building, theatre pedagogy, drama therapy, politics, and social and political activism.

David Diamond co-founded “Theatre for Living” (formerly known as Headlines Theatre) and lives in Vancouver (Canada). In the last 36 years David Diamond has facilitated Forum Theatre projects in Canada, the US, Australia, Namibia, Rawanda, Singapore, India and in many parts of Europe. He has received many cultural and human rights awards.

The workshop will start Sunday at 2pm and end Thursday around 5.30pm.

Participation Fee including organic and healthy lunch: 490.- Euros

In extraordinary financial circumstances there is the possibility to participate on a reduced fee. Contact: lena.m.drummer@gmail.com

Registration at the Haus der Begegnung: hdb.kurse@dibk.at

Click here to download the workshop announcement as pdf.

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