Give me my Justice!

When I was in Germany and was reading the news everyday, I thought: ‘There is so much injustice happening around the world, what makes life worth living?’
The past year in Egypt, and especially the past few month, I have come to realize that my understanding of injustice was nothing compared to what I have been seeing with my own eyes – and what am still observing. Its happening right in front of me every day, and the injustice taking place is so intense that it seems to be normal: People get away from sincere punishment when they disobey law because they know someone with influence or because they have money that sets them free. Women who are sexually insulted and abused are later blamed for being out in the street or for wearing appealing clothes. Street children, who have nothing but their dignity and who are beaten up by the police, are now taking revenge in Tahrir Square. People who speak justice arrest others without trial, about 900 people shot without their murderers hold accountable for it…

I feel devastated and inexcusably angry… How is it possible that this immense quantity of injustice is taking place? I am angry because I see people trapped in a system of corruption, a system of injustice. “There is no one to go. There is no one out there giving me my justice,” my Egyptian sister told me today.
It saddens me more when I think about the fact, that there is an even higher level of the feeling of injustice. One that I have only tasted a tiny bit in my home country when I was being accused by the police for not having the car seat belt on although I did put it on as law orders. I had to pay 80 Euros for obeying the law! But that’s nothing compared to the big chunks of injustice the people of Egypt choke every day: Betrayal, stealing, lying, corruption, oppression… it seems endless.

And still, everyone who has been in Egypt for some time knows, that among all this mess and chaos and injustice you always find a reason to smile. Everyday I find a person or a situation giving me hope, making me see the good in all people. Good and justice do exist and I believe that we all have it within us. We just weren’t taught how to live it, but it’s in our hand to learn.
We must not ask where is God, but what is the way to purify our hearts and how to awaken God’s spirit that is in all of us? Where are our minds? Where are our hearts? Where are our wills? What are people waiting for? Do they not know that if we want a change, we must begin with ourselves first? Thats what life is worth living for!

…for my Egyptian sister who is an inspiration to me and dear to my heart.

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2 Responses to Give me my Justice!

  1. Nihal says:

    thank you for writing this…and sis you are one of the reasons i smile…

  2. Cristina says:

    Interesting Blog Lena. Big hug from NZ 🙂

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